They were a sporty family - working out in their gym together and everything. However, one day mommy noticed that special look in her son's eyes - and that special bulge in his jeans that appeared every time he was watching her working out in her underwear. The boy had grown up - and already seemed to be good enough to satisfy the mommy's unbearable sex hunger!
Daddy just couldn't keep himself in when leafing through his daughter's photographs... This little candy looked so damn seductive that he started stroking his meat. He thought that she wasn't at home but she was - standing right behind his back waiting for a good moment to pull the frame out of his hands and show him how much she wanted his cock! So be it!
This milf was a slut by nature – she fucked with her hubby, with all of their male and some of their female neighbors but that still wasn't enough for her! She was rubbing her son's back in the shower when a sudden idea flashed in her head. 'The boy's got a pretty big one, so why not?' Luckily, her hub happened to be near to save the boy from being fucked senseless!
Daddy couldn't believe that his pumpkin was doing it intentionally! He had come into her room to cover her with the blanket but she pulled it off unveiling her precious naked body again. The last traces of uncertainty faded away from his head when the girl started rubbing her little pinkie right in front of him. That was something more than he could take!
How could this old fucker say no when asked to help his daughter's classmate lose virginity? He agreed with great pleasure and gratefully allowed his pumpkin to blindfold him. The girl's cherry hole felt great - so tight, so wet and so incredibly fresh! The only thing that he wasn't able to notice was that it was his own daughters that he was banging the shit out of!
Mommy was taking a cool bath in attempt to put out the fire burning inside her pussy... It was three months since her husband had left her and she was literally dying for a fuck. All of her bad thoughts faded away when she saw her son pop into the bathroom! It wasn't that hard to seduce him - a mere five minutes later his long meaty dick was already stuffed all the way up her pink!
This horny little girlie was smart enough to share her secret sex fantasy with her father who was really happy to help her make it come true. It was quite a weird fantasy - the girl was dreaming to get tied up and fucked by a burglar... Well, whatever! All that the daddy needed was a mask and a couple of feet of elastic rope!

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