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This little girlie was so puzzled when she found this huge phallic thing among her dolls... She had no idea what it was, so she went to her mommy for the explanation. Luckily, her mom wasn't a snob, which she proved by teaching her to play with this thing. It felt great to stuff it down her little pussy and feeling it vibrate inside her... Maybe she even would ask her mom to let her keep it!
This little innocent game between brother and sister would hardly turn into anything bigger if their horny father didn't catch them playing it! Seeing his little pumpkin caressing his son's cock made him so aroused that he decided to give them both a little sex lesson. Thus, the girl ended up taking two massive meaty rods right there in the bathroom!
Mommy and daddy didn't want their pumpkin to give her virginity to some college stud that wouldn't even remember her in the morning, so when they busted her peeping at them through the cracked door, they decided that it was the time for them to teach her a little sex lesson... Lucky little puss - it was her very first sex experience and it already was a bisexual one!

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